Olive oil

The ‘finca’

The Personas finca is a mix of vines, olive trees and almond trees to guarantee the biodiversity of the land. All production is handled with extreme care in order to obtain maximum quality. The stoney soils are rich in calc and clay and bring a unique character to

The Olive Trees

The ‘Oleo Europea L’ is the mother of all olive producing trees. In our area you will find mainly the ‘arbequina’ variety, the pride of Catalonia. They grow olives with character, due mainly to the Mediterranean climate with long hot summers and gentle winters. The trees are quite tough but suffer during strong winters. In the month of May trees start to flower, only one out of twenty flowers will make to an olive.

D.O.P. Siurana

Terra Personas produces D.O.P. ( Designation of Origin) Siurana. D.O.P. Siurana is a quality guaranteed label.

Arbequina olives

Terra Personas produces olive oil exclusively with the native Arbequina variety, that gives a different character. The oil is yellowish gold of colour, with natural aromas of banana, artichoke, tomato, almond and walnuts. The Terra Personas olive oil shows  intense aromas, with a fresh and mild personality.

Hand picked

Six months after first flowering starts the harvest during the month of November. All olives are hand picked with big, short comb and recollected with a net on the underground of the tree. The same day the harvest goes to the olive mill where they are washed, weighed and grined. Then first cold extraction takes place with a centrifuge to produce a  pure oil of the highest quality: Oli d’Oliva Verge Extra 100 % arbequina.Extra Vergin Olive Oil By Terra Personas

Early or late harvest?

The colour of olives on the tree varies from green to pink-red and black. The character of olives early harvested (beginning to half November) is quite different then late harvest (December). The coulour of early harvested olive oil is yellowish green with aromas of  tomato, banana, almond and walnut and a touch of pepper. Late harvested olives produce a golden colour with riper aromas, less pronounced but full bodied.

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