Export terra Personas wines and extra virgin olive oils 100 % arbequina dop siurana

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  • The Mediterranean crisis
    The Mediterranean Sea became disconnected from the world’s oceans and mostly desiccated by evaporation about 5 million years ago during the Messinian salinity crisis. The Atlantic waters found a way through the present Gibraltar Strait and rapidly refilled the Mediterranean 5 million years ago in an event known as the Zanclean flood. this stone that I have found […]
  • The landscape of El Priorat, a candidate for UNESCO World Heritage status
    3 DO in a small regionOn 11 April 2012, the Parliament of Catalonia made a declaration of institutional support for the inclusion of El Priorat as a 'Mediterranean mountain agrarian cultural landscape in the UNESCO World Heritage list'. In February 2014, representatives of the Prioritat Association appeared before the Territory and Sustainability Committee in Parliament […]
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